Nettrust Toolbar Development Page

Net Trust is a security mechanism built to inform human trust decisions as opposed to constraining technical actions. Net Trust is designed to undermine fraud and credential subversion that uses human engineering; also called pretexting. Net Trust has a fully functioning, tested and highly usable interface. It is human-centered. The design is based in both human risk behaviors in the face of uncertainty and human trust behaviors.

The goal of Net Trust is to share information under a pseudonym, such that after an initial out-of-band introduction a person can be sure that they are sharing with the same entity over time. The goal is to leverage social trust for online trust, not to use technological mechanisms to create new forms of trust.

As of project creation, Nov 2006, there is a functioning demo with a back-end that functions for demonstration purposes only. Any information entered into the database will be deleted upon server restart. The server is not in production mode; certainly you can use your own

As of July 2007 we have now an alpha release. The next goal is to improve on usability and provide better guarantees for data privacy against leaks on the server.


Latest Stable (alpha): XPI Installer (md5) (sha1) (pgp-sign)

Nightly build (Unstable): XPI Installer (md5) (sha1)